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The All-in-One Project Delivery Platform

Turn delivery into a seamless handoff with XRay.Studio. Organize every link, file, asset and app in one place for easy reference. Just share one link with your clients or collaborators, and they'll have access to everything they need.

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All of Your Assets in One Place

Embed design files and Google Drive links right next to GitHub links or Zapier automations. With XRay.Studio, everything you need to share with your clients and collaborators is easily accessible, all in one dashboard.

Navigating quickly between websites, google sheets, airtable, and more
Workspaces help you separate content for clients or yourself

Simplified Project Delivery

Stop using lengthy email chains and endless Slack messages. Show your clients everything they need to access your finished work in one convenient location, regardless of the tools you use.

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Streamlined Collaboration

XRay.Studio makes it easy to work with freelancers and other collaborators. Share the resources they need and control their access by sharing a single link.

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